It's not just the countries' most popular hotels, stadiums, restaurants and cafes that are singing our praises; it's the critics too. See below for a list of some of our coveted industry awards.

AwardAwarded ByYear
Silver Medal BananaNational Ice Cream Alliance (ICA)2007
Diploma Open ClassICA2007
Diploma of Merit Dairy ContinuousICA2007
Diploma StrawberryICA2008
Silver Challenge CupICA2008
Diploma Open ClassICA2008
First PrizeRoyal Welsh Show2008
Diploma of Merit Open ClassICA2009
Diploma of Merit Dairy ContinuousICA2009
Diploma ChocolateICA2009
Diploma Open ClassICA2009
Diploma PistacchioICA2009
First PrizeRoyal Welsh Show2009
Special Diploma of Merit Open ClassICA2010
Diploma of Merit ContinuousICA2010
Diploma Mint Choc ChipICA2010
Diploma Lemon SorbetICA2010
Diploma CoffeeICA2010
Diploma Strawberry CheesecakeICA2010
Diploma ChocolateICA2010
Silver AwardRoyal Welsh Show2010
Special Diploma of Merit Continuous ClassICA2011
Special Diploma of Merit StrawberryICA2011
Diploma of Merit Rum ‘n’ RaisinICA2011
Diploma Open ClassICA2011
Diploma ContinuousICA2011
Diploma White ChocolateICA2011
Gold AwardRoyal Welsh Show2011
No CompetitionN/A2012
Special Diploma of Merit Open ClassICA2013
Special Diploma of Merit HazelnutICA2013
Diploma of Merit ChocolateICA2013
Diploma of Merit Raspberry RippleICA2013
Diploma of Merit Artisan ClassICA2013
Diploma of Merit Continuous ClassICA2013
Diploma Crème BruleeICA2013
Bronze Medal Rum ‘n’ RaisinICA2014
Special Diploma of Merit ContinuousICA2014
Diploma of Merit StrawberryICA2014
Diploma of Merit Open ClassICA2014
Diploma of Merit Hazelnut RochaICA2014
Diploma of Merit ArtisanICA2014
Diploma CoffeeICA2014
Diploma ChocolateICA2014
Diploma HazelnutICA2014
Diploma Dairy ArtisanICA2014
Great Taste AwardGuild of Fine Food2015